Turret Punch Bore Relining

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Excessive burring.
Parts out of tolerance.
Tools dulling on one side.
Loose upper turret tool guides.

All classic signs of turret bore wear.

Our sleeving process for the upper turret of your punch press eliminates the above problems without the costly replacement of the upper turret disk.

OVer time the upper turret bores wear in an uneven pattern and become egg-shaped. This is not only common, it is inevitable, and will dramatically increase tooling and deburring costs and reduce accuracy.

The sleeving process is accomplished at your site without removing the upper turret disk, thus minimizing down time. A complete turret can be completed in two days. We require no additional workspace and will not interfere with other work areas.

The sleeving process is a permanent and economical solution for turret bore wear. Any size. Some bores or all. And if a sleeve ever wears out, you can replace the sleeve with your own personal, quickly and efficiently.

Increase your accuracy and decrease your cost and part time.
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