Turret Punch Retrofit

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Excessive downtime on your control ?
High costs for control service, parts and repair ?
Poor performance and limited programming ?
Need DNC Shop Floor Programming?

A control upgrade is the solution


  • Increased productivity with faster programming, set up & brake operation.
  • Easy to use single screen programming with graphical operator interface.
  • Easy creation of punches & dies, unlimited part, material and tool storage.
  • Notes/digital photos attached by program.


  • Makes your existing machine outperform newer equipment.
  • Most cost effective alternative to new or used equipment purchases allowing you to stay competitive in the marketplace.


  • Increased reliability & decreased maintenance & support costs with PC-based control technology.
  • No proprietary electronic parts, all standard off-the-shelf components.
  • Major savings on yearly repair costs -vs- expensive proprietary controls.
  • Plain English diagnostics & machine troubleshooting helps


  • The latest PC processing power and speed drive your machine tool.
  • MS Windows 2000™ with built-in network compatibility & remote access troubleshooting.
  • Open hardware & software architecture for complete, seamless factory integration.
  • Access part programs, CAD drawings, production routers, etc. all at the machine control.

And much more... At a cost that will pleasantly surprise you!

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Ask your tax advisor if a Lapis Retrofit qualifies for tax releif under the Job Creation and Worker Assistance Act of 2002. Click here for the technical explaination of the Act.


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