USED Amada Aries 245 Turret Punch

Used Amada Aries 245 turret punch press in great conditions. Ready for delivery.

This Machine includes unlimited Lapis telephone tech support with your purchase. 

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Capacity                                                         22 Ton

Sheet Size                                                        40” X 50” (longer using Auto Repo.)

Thickest Material                                            .187” M.S.

Max. Hole Diameter                                       3-1/2”

Number of Stations                                         18

Strokes per Minute                                         300

Axis Speed                                                      1572 I.P.M.

Turret Rotation                                               10 R.P.M.

Hits per Minute 1” Moves                             120

Nibbling Hits per Minute                               200

Standard Control                                             Amada O4PA

Tape Format                                                   E.I.A. or A.S.C.I.I.

Programming Mode                                        Absolute/Incremental

Smallest Programmable Increment                  .001”

Axis & Turret Drive                                      DC Servo Motors

Main Motor                                                    9.5 kva 220//3/60 Volts

Machine Weight                                              16,535 Lbs.

Auto index       (Two)                                                1.250”


Call Now: 219.464.9131