Used Amada FO 4020 Laser Cutter, Year 2003.

Technical Specifications 

1.1 Motion Package
Travel Method: Stationary table, X, Y and Z-axis

movement for cutting head
Control Method: X, Y and Z simultaneous 3 axis control
Drive Motors: Fanuc AC servo motors
Maximum Sheet Size: 80″ (Y) x 160″ (X)
Maximum Axis Travel: 80.7″ (Y) x 174″ (X) x 7.8″ (Z)
Maximum Axis Positioning Speed: 3,150 inches per minute

(80m/min) per axis (4,554 inches per minute 45 degree vector)
Maximum Speed Z-Axis: 2,362 inches per minute
Positioning Accuracy: 0.0004″/20″
Maximum Material Weight: 3,454 lbs.
Assist Gas: Automatic 4 ports with NC pressure Control
Machine Footprint: 483″ x 124″
Machine Weight: 12 Metric Tons
Electrical Requirements: 208V, 3 Phase, 60Hz
Laser Power: 4000 watts

1.2 CNC Controller
Model: Fanuc 160iL – 32 Bit
Display: LCD Color Graphics Display
Minimum Command Unit: 0.0001″ (X, Y, Z)
Minimum Travel Unit: 0.0001″ (X, Y, Z)
Standard Memory: 512K (1280m)
Operating Modes: Automatic, MDI and Manual

1.3 Laser Specifications AF 4000C Oscillator (Resonator):
CW Power: 4,000 Watts
Peak pulse power: 5,000 Watts
Maximum material thicknesses
Carbon steel: 0.75″
Stainless steel: 0.375″ CleanCut (TM)
Aluminum: 0.375″



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