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Amada EMK 3610 NT - 2007 - 33 Ton Turret Punching Cell

Amada EMK-3610NT, featuring the 58 station 4 Auto-Index “King” turret with 4.5″ auto-index stations and a 60″ x 100″ brush table.

Product Description

The cutting-edge EM Series turret punch press uses twin AC servo drives directly coupled to the drive shaft. Amada’s third generation drive system combines the simplicity of the original clutch and brake technology with the high speeds of the fastest hydraulic ram driven systems. The result is unmatched performance, superior reliability, and lower operating costs.

Features and Specs

Manufacturer Amada
Model EMK 3610 NT
Year 2007
Condition Excellent
Location Valparaiso ,IN
Capacity 33 Tons
Max Sheet Size 60" x 120"
Max Sheet Thickness 0.187"
Axis Speed X: 3937 IPM, Y: 3150 IPM
Hit Speed 1" Gap X: 500 HPM, Y: 330 HPM
Nibbling Hits per Minute X: 1800 HPM, Y: 830 HPM
Tooling Type Thick Turret
Turret Rotation 30 RPM
Tool Stations 58
Auto Index Stations 4
Machine Weight 54,000 lbs.
CNC Manufacturer Amada
Programming Modes Absolute/Incremental
Programming Increment .001"
Axis and Turret Drives AC Servo Motors
Max Punch Diameter 4.5"
Power AC200V 3-Phase 50/60Hz, 27kVA