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AMADA Pega 367 turret punch press year 1993

ONE (1) used      Call 219 464 9131


Wet Clutch

33 TON



45 Station






Punching Capacity                                                      33 Ton

Sheet Size                                                       60” x 72” (longer using Auto Repo.)

Thickest Material                                            .250” Mild steel

Max. Hole Diameter                                       4-1/2”

Number of Stations                                         58

Strokes per Minute                                         350

Axis Speed                                                      2000 I.P.M.

Turret Rotation                                               30 R.P.M.

Hits per Minute 1” Moves                              220

Nibbling Hits per Minute                                350

Standard Control                                            Fanuc O4PC

Tape Format                                                    E.I.A. or A.S.C.I.I.

Programming Mode                                        Absolute/Incremental

Smallest Programmable Increment                .001”

Axis & Turret Drive                                      AC Servo Motors

Main Motor                                                     5 HP 220/440/3/60 Volts

Machine Weight                                             31,000 Lbs.

Press Drive                                          Hydro/Mechanical clutch and Brake





  • Built-in Microprocessor – Standard software included for programming a comprehensive set of patterns used in punching, nibbling, and notching operations.
  • Diagnostic System – Extensive diagnostic system indicates programming errors and pinpoints machine and control malfunctions.
  • Stripping Sensor – Automatically halts machine operation if tool does not strip.
  • Automatic Repositioning – Heavy duty work holders secure material during repositioning.
  • Wet clutch
  • Metric or inch dimensional programming.
  • Precision ground re-circulating ball leads screws for X and Y Axis.
  • Crash proof clamp sensors.
  • Hardened and ground turret index pins and bushings.
  • Safety interlocks and overrun protectors with all step control prevent accidents.
  • Fanuc O4PC Control
  • OPTIONS…………….
  • Included Vibratory mounts (recommended)
  • Optional Metalix Programming system
  • Included USB Thumb Drive Part Program storage (1 Terabyte) Eliminates RS 232c cable from

Remote P.C.

  • Machine under power for your inspection


AGE:  1993









Features and Specs

Manufacturer Amada
Model PEGA 367 turret punch press
Year 1993
Condition Excellent
Location Valparaiso INDIANA
Capacity 33 Ton
Max Sheet Size 50" x 72"
Max Sheet Thickness 1/4" M.S.
Axis Speed 2000 IPM
Nibbling Hits per Minute 350
Tooling Type Thick Turret
Turret Rotation 30 RPM
Tool Stations 45
Auto Index Stations 4
Machine Weight 30,000 LBS
CNC Manufacturer Fanuc
CNC Model 04PC
Programming Modes Absolute/Incremental
Programming Increment .001"
Axis and Turret Drives AC Servo Motors
Main Motor 7
Max Punch Diameter 4.5